New classes are now forming at both locations. Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Stained Glass, Bead-making, and Introduction to Fusing are now available. Please call for current schedules and availability.
  Bullseye has announced it will no longer manufacture its line of ring mottle glass. We have a limited stock of this beautiful art glass, so get your favorite style while you still can.
MGR has a staff of highly qualified and experienced stained glass artisans. Since our staff draws on a diverse background of artistic fields, we can handle your unique stained glass needs. We can design custom stained glass pieces based on your desires. We can create stained glass pieces using a variety of techniques and materials to meet your goals. We can engineer custom installation and display methods that will allow you to enjoy your stained glass design safely and securely for years to come.
Whether it's your favorite suncatcher, a salvaged leaded panel, or a broken lamp shade, MGR can repair it. Depending on your desires, we can change colors, alter sizes, add hanging hardware, replace broken and missing pieces, re-solder broken joints, and add custom oak framing. In some cases, we can even use special adhesives to rejoin broken glass, or even repair leaded panels in place. Whatever you need repaired, MGR would be happy to provide you with a written quote.
MGR has the skill and knowledge to handle the delicate restoration of historic stained glass. We use accepted industry practices to restore the damaged stained glass of years past. During the restoration process, all steps are documented and recorded. Whenever possible, glasses from the original manufacturers are used, as well as other original techniques and materials. Whether it's a Tiffany shade, a historical church window, or most of the windows in a turn of the century mansion, Merry Go Round Stained Glass, Inc. can perform your restoration work with care and attention to detail.
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